At "MannOpeners" - ( Mind Openers in English ) we work with Executives in helping them manage their Careers Strategically thru Leadership trainings and Career Strategy Coaching. In the context of ever evolving Future of Work, increasing competition in the Career market and increased performance expectations, it is imperative for Executives to be continuously relevant in their Careers.

Hi Satish,

For a race car driver, his most important resource is the Car itself.
He goes out all the way to “understand” his resource. From that understand be able to “understand his experiences with the resource”. And from that he generates new choices on “how to make the best use of his resource next time”. His career clearly depends on how well he does the above.

How about for a leader like you, what is your most important resource?

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It’s that time of the year when some businesses are now in Q4 or will be entering Q4 in Jan-Feb-march.

While the pressure to meet current years targets would be high – another set of “Strategic Business planning” for next year also begins.

In some companies, this is the time when leaders have to be more alert to “ground level numbers” and at the same time, “what’s cooking in the Corporate towers !”

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