Strategic Time management in Leadership roles

How To Use The 4 Ds Of Effective Time Management

Well, who does not know the importance of time management .. yet many leaders keep struggling at this even when they have reached senior most levels.   Many leaders figure out that their time management practices which worked well for them in the past may not be working optimally for them now.  …

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Demonstrating Strategic Leadership in Operational roles

Many leaders aspire to play Strategic Leadership roles, but their current Operational roles do not help them in developing for such roles, the current organization structure does not give any scope or their supervisors think they are not ready for this.

Common grouse is - Unless I get an opportun…

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Scripting your way to career success – literally!!

Leaders need to be ever ready with their sound bites/answers/quotes to convey their message effectively – quote by a politician.   And many Politicians surround themselves with teams to help them with the right scripts to say. 

Does this apply to Corporate leaders as well?  Lets explore this…

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Full time Executive MBA – is it worth exploring from your Career Development perspective.

Some of us from time to time keep updating our professional knowledge and skills through various kinds of training programs.

Some of the most expensive ones are Executive MBA’s from Premier Management schools.

Are they worth attending?

It Depends.  On your objective of doing the program. …

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Can a 5 min personal sound bite impact you career.

As a leader, we are constantly asked to present our story, our accomplishments at short notices to many internal stakeholders.  What would you say, if you were to be asked to present yourselves in a 5 min conversation to a new CxO of your org, who wants to get to know the tea, ?

Well this was on…

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Career Success – Are you clear what it means to you.

Who does not want to be successful in their career? Nobody isn’t it . 

Does career success only mean reaching the pinnacle in our professional life's? 

Could there be other success parameters worth exploring?

Like many professionals, I grew up in the career with the notion that car…

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Short cut to Job search at Leadership level

I am sure, this headline would have tickled your curiosity to check this blog. So here is the mantra – become a “sought after corporate celebrity” in your industry so that instead of you searching for a job, prospective employers & executive search firms come after you.  

From a search po…

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Demonstrating strategic leadership in operational leadership roles.

One of the common career challenges leaders face is jumping from Operational leadership roles to Strategic leadership roles.  

Many leaders feel that they deserve to be playing strategic leadership roles, but the current operational roles do not help in developing themselves for such roles, the …

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Speaking up your way up the career ladder.

Yes, don’t we know many of them, who just did that.

At the same-time we know many who do not like all this and decide that the way I will move up the career will be only through my hard work. Sure they will get rewarded till the rung where “speaking” is not one of the critical skills.   Unfortu…

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