Career Success – Are you clear what it means to you.

Who does not want to be successful in their career? Nobody isn’t it . 

Does career success only mean reaching the pinnacle in our professional life's? 

Could there be other success parameters worth exploring?

Like many professionals, I grew up in the career with the notion that career success means become the business head of a firm.   This aspiration motivated me to strive hard, stay focused, endure the pain and also brought along with its own rewards.   Till I reached one level below a business head - to that of a functional head.    That’s when I started realising that I may not like to do many things which are required by a Business head.   Went through some conflicting moments when internally that was what I was after for 20 years and as I am nearing it – realising that it is not my aspirational role anymore.

After some soul searching I had to take a call – Aspire for a socially accepted Career Success goal – which was to continue on the path to business head or go for a Career success goal – which I will define for my internal satisfaction, even if it means it is against social norms of career success.

With this clarity – I chose to be a Functional head for last 5 years of my corporate life and subsequently be a soloprenuer as a Career Strategist since 2012 years. 

Key Reflective question which helped me gain this clarity was –

What is the activity that I am willing to take up as a full time career knowing fully well that the corporate fringe benefits will take its own time to come?  

Coaching & Training where my answers which jumped up in my mind.   Put a 2 year transition plan to build my career in this line and eventually glided into this role in one of my last Career crossroads that I was in.

Inviting you on a reflective journey.

  • What does Career success mean to you?
  • What does not imply Career success?
  • How will you discover this for yourself?
  • How aligned are to achieve your career success?
  • What actions do you need to Start doing, Continue doing and Stop doing to reach your Career success?

Happy reflecting


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