Before my present profession as a Career Strategist, I was fortunate to work in Global organizations like Wipro, Aricent & Microland in over 10 different roles in a career Spanning over 2 decades.  While I had a reasonably good career, there were times when I was at difficult Career cross roads.  Decision making at these cross roads was difficult. I wished if there was someone who could help me in these times in a confidential and unbiased manner.  Yes I myself felt that the need for Career Strategist.

Trigger to become a Career Strategist:

In 2009, when I was once again at a Career Cross road, I stumbled on this question on Internet which set me thinking:

What is one activity that I am willing choose to take up as full time profession, knowing fully well the associated pains and punishments?

Leadership Development and Coaching jumped up for me as I would be charged to facilitate a Leadership development workshop or even do a coaching session on a holiday as well.

Having found my path, I worked on a 3 year transitions plan, while still working in a corporate role.   Started researching, building knowledge and got my PCC accreditation from ICF in 2012 and become a trained Situational Leadership II facilitator.  To ensure that I have the right eligibilities to be enter this profession.

Purpose and mission

Over time, my purpose evolved which guides me in my personal and professional endeavours.

Help leaders make more impactful contribution to this earth thru coaching, mentoring and connections.

With this purpose, I choose to focus my energies on my strength area and carved out a Niche where I can add the most value to leaders.  

That’s how my Mission evolved:

As a Career Strategist for 100,000 leaders help the take their careers to new realms.

Journey so far

Since 2012, I have been fortunate enough to be of value

  • 150 leaders as their Career Strategist and Executive coach
  • Have facilitated over 150 Situational Leadership workshops
  • Led a Career Management workshop for over 60 leaders from Southeast Asia for a Global IT products firms in Singapore

Value Creation:

Ability to facilitate deeper actionable insights comes from my diverse experiences.

  • Coached over 145 leaders over the last 7 years.
  • Played many diverse roles in Large, Medium & startup organisation in India, US & Middle-east Asia. Aware of career management ground realities
  • Recruitment Leader - @ Wipro, Aricent, Microland & Careernet Technologies. Aware of job market & transition needs of new leaders.
  • Ken Blanchard’s Situational Leadership II program trainer. Facilitated ~ 140 programs across industries. Aware of leadership development
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) from International Coaching Federation (ICF) since 2013 - Aware of adult learning thru Coaching.;

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