Career Strategy Coaching

Key Value proposition

Many professionals look at Career Strategy reactively when they have experienced some kind of a setback. While many professionals understand the need for having their own Career strategy, only a few of them are able to put this in action proactively.  Some of the reasons which hold back professionals are - they don't know where to start? what to plan for? how to plan?  and most critically having a confidential expert who can hold the space for deeper reflections, becoming aware of some knowledge gaps with respect to managing careers and then coming out with actions steps to make their strategies operational.

Areas of exploration

  • Life Plans and your Career expectations
  • Discovering your Ideal Career path
  • Leadership competency assessment
  • Sharpening your personal branding and networking strategies
  • Crafting a Job search strategy
  • Preparing for Interviews
  • Warming up for Transition



Key Deliverables

  • Understanding themselves better with relevant psychometric assessments
  • Understanding their brand and identifying what attributes & how to promote them.
  • Setting them-selves for accelerated Learning.
  • Assisting the leader in creating a 100-day Transition Acceleration plan.
  • Partnering with the leader in reviewing their Transition progress.
  • Assisting in Situational Analysis, Expectations Management, & Personal Development to win in new role
  • Bouncing board for navigating unplanned situations, which crop up.


Performance Coaching

Key Value Proposition

Performance Coaching services focus on supporting and guiding an executive to gain new levels of insight, skills, and knowledge to set and implement key goals for personal and professional change, and wherever possible, integrate those changes for meeting business goals and objectives.

As successful executives, some of them know  limiting behaviours in specific competencies areas.  While these competencies may have brought them to where they are, these competencies may not help them in reaching where you want to go.

Key Deliverables

  • Building awareness for better reflections around the focused coaching objective.
  • Supporting the individual leader in uncovering the specific aspects limiting their performance.
  • Co-creating the insights generated to actionable behaviours.
  • Being an accountability partner for the leader in implementing the above actions.
  • Handholding the leader in their personal change management journey.


Outplacement Career Coaching

Key Value Proposition

In the VUCA world of business today it is imperative that organisations need to align their people resources to meet the current and emerging needs on an ongoing basis.  These alignments sometimes make it imperative to out place some leaders for various reasons.  Keeping in mind their past contributions to building the organisation and to help them move ahead in their careers, organisations explore Outplacement services.  Facilitate better positioning of the leader in the Career market is the key proposition of this service.


Key Deliverables

  • Helping the leader to discover their ideal & feasible Career path going forward
  • Helping them position appropriately for the path chosen.
  • Co-creating job search strategy.
  • Handholding during the selection process till onboarding.


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