Speaking up your way up the career ladder.

Yes, don’t we know many of them, who just did that.

At the same-time we know many who do not like all this and decide that the way I will move up the career will be only through my hard work. Sure they will get rewarded till the rung where “speaking” is not one of the critical skills.   Unfortunately, these rungs are only at the middle part of the Career ladder.   To reach the rungs at the higher ends of Career ladder, clearly the skill of “speaking up” becomes crucial.

Many choose not to speak up… and end up being seen as “pushovers” or “submissive leaders”.

Some speak up, but ineffectively… thereby “denting” their reputation further.  They risk being seen as arrogant or hotheaded leaders.

Few  “Speak up effectively” ... thereby accelerate their speed up the career ladder.

One of my weaknesses some years ago was “speaking up ineffectively with aggressive peers”. While I was very effective in “speaking up” with my reportee’s, bosses and also “rational” peers. An internal coach worked with me to overcome this issue and helped me become better at this to a great extent.

As usual, I invite you to Reflect on :

  • How effective are you in “speaking up”?
  • In which situations or kinds of people are you “ineffective”?
  • How do you see “speaking up ineffectively” impacting your career?
  • How would you want to overcome this?

In my journey as Career strategist figured out that this “speaking up” is one of the biggest problems which comes in the way of growth for leaders.   And most of the big global leadership development institutes have programs to address this.

One such program that I resonate with is “Crucial Conversations” by Vital smarts. 

Google it out, it may give you some insights to become “unstuck” in your Career ladder.

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