Full time Executive MBA – is it worth exploring from your Career Development perspective.

Some of us from time to time keep updating our professional knowledge and skills through various kinds of training programs.

Some of the most expensive ones are Executive MBA’s from Premier Management schools.

Are they worth attending?

It Depends.  On your objective of doing the program.   One of my objectives in doing an Executuve MBA is to

  • Build my skills in a specific area.
  • Build my eligibilities to get qualified for a few international coaching aggregators.
  • Enhance my network.
  • Shorten my cycle time to learn.

Definitely not to get a New Job or a Salary hike !

Yes, it looks obvious that most corporate professionals will invest in such courses, when they realize that they are stuck in their careers, not getting their next breakthrough or underpegged in terms of Salary.

Of course, post some Full time Executive MBA course, there are a few lucky professionals who will get a new opportunity through Campus placements in that institute. But many do not. And feel bad that their Investment ROI was not there.

Lets reflect on this topic a bit.

  • What is your experience about people who have done Fulltime Executive MBA’s from reputed management schools?
  • If you were to enroll for an Executive MBA, what would be your objectives for doing this program. 
  • How will you integrate this investment into your overall Career strategy.

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