Short cut to Job search at Leadership level

I am sure, this headline would have tickled your curiosity to check this blog. So here is the mantra – become a “sought after corporate celebrity” in your industry so that instead of you searching for a job, prospective employers & executive search firms come after you.  

From a search point of view this is a short cut. But becoming a sought after corporate celebrity is definitely a long haul.

Think about it… To spot a short cut in our daily commute – you need to be “knowledge-able” on the potential short cuts, you need to be “alert” to sense when to take that short cut, you need to take some associated “risks”, be willing to endure some “discomfort” & also monitor the “trends” about usage of that short cut on a continuous basis.

From a drive point of view it is a short cut on that day.   But requires a lot of effort to be made in advance.  Isn’t it.

Well it may not be feasible for everyone to become “corporate celebrities” for various reasons. 

However we can attempt to be “selectively famous” for “selective roles” in a few “selective industries” amongst a “selective list of people” who matter, so that they can reach out to you when they come across opportunities for which you could be the best fit.

In case this “short cut approach” appeals to you, here are some questions that can provoke you to do a little more deep dive thinking.

  • What is it that you want to be known for.
  • What are your next target roles, target industries/sub industries/companies.
  • How will you identify who would be in your “selective list of people”
  • Where will you meet them  How will you create opportunities to bump into them.  What will be your approach to network with them.
  • Which are the executive search firms you want to reach out on a continuous basis.
  • How will you research about your target industries.
  • Which networking forums will you attend.  How will you become “visible” within these networking forums. In which forums will you take “leadership” roles to enhance your chances of becoming visible.

Go on reflect on the above questions and figure out your “marketing strategy” for the product called “you”.  

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