Strategic Time management in Leadership roles

How To Use The 4 Ds Of Effective Time Management

Well, who does not know the importance of time management .. yet many leaders keep struggling at this even when they have reached senior most levels.   Many leaders figure out that their time management practices which worked well for them in the past may not be working optimally for them now.   

Of course, this is one area where personally even I get challenged, even though I do not work more 40 plus hours a week.  My current challenge has been to manage or eliminate some of the new distractions which have crept into my life in the last 2 years.    My curiosity to know about India at times eats away a lot of my time even before I know it.   So I have stopped reading print newspapers in the last 3 months… and replaced it with only online reading…. And the new distraction is that “the online newspaper” is always available for my mind to wander around !!  It’s like walking around keeping a print newspaper in hand always.

Strategic time management in my view is all about using your time judiciously to create your long term sustainable competitive advantage for yourself and your organisation.

Many leaders swear that they definitely use more Strategic time management to create impact for their organisations than for managing themselves. 

Some of the reasons that I have come across:

  • Too exhausted to apply my mind to myself after a hard greuing day at office.
  • It’s scary, I get even more lost in trying to figure out how to invest my time
  • Sometimes, I believe in taking life as it comes.
  • No one holds me accountable for this, like many stakeholders in my office.
  • Never really thought about long term.  Anyway what I plan & what happens in reality is always a mismatch.
  • Information overload & digital distractions – keeps me busy always.
  • I plan well but not as committed to following it.

Strategic time management is something which cannot be conquered, but to be managed life long.

Invite yourselves to a reflective journey on how is your Strategic time management & what actions you need to take in this area, by asking yourselves questions like:

What is your purpose of life.  What are your SMART goals for life.

  • What is your self development plan to stay competitive for the long term.
  • What are some critical strategic career management initiatives that you will invest time in.
  • What “new distractions” will you eliminate to create the bandwidth.
  • What will be your daily strategic career management activity.

Happy Reflecting!

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