Scripting your way to career success – literally!!

Leaders need to be ever ready with their sound bites/answers/quotes to convey their message effectively – quote by a politician.   And many Politicians surround themselves with teams to help them with the right scripts to say. 

Does this apply to Corporate leaders as well?  Lets explore this a bit.

In one of my earlier organizations Competency dictionary for Level 5 Communication skills had an example – “Ability to stand in front a large gathering and say there will be a pay cut, yet inspire them to work hard?”

What are some situations where good scripts can win the day for a leader:

  • Addressing team meetings to inspire them.
  • Addressing a team  meetings to shake them out of mediocrity
  • In a high stakes influencing situation with various internal and external stakeholders.
  • Addressing Media, analysts or stock markets.

Some of us, over the years would have enhanced our communication skills in many areas and find that in some areas we are lacking.   And some of us may also find that this specific weakness in communication could be coming in the way of our career progression.

Well, we know what to improve…But how to improve is a question which many of us may not know.

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