Demonstrating Strategic Leadership in Operational roles

Many leaders aspire to play Strategic Leadership roles, but their current Operational roles do not help them in developing for such roles, the current organization structure does not give any scope or their supervisors think they are not ready for this.

Common grouse is - Unless I get an opportunity, how can I develop my strategic leadership competence.

Only a few leaders are lucky to be working in organizations that recognize this development need and invest on leaders to help them make this transition.  Rest, will have to develop their strategic leadership skills and demonstrate it in their operational roles by themselves.

What is Strategic Leadership - one definition from Centre for Creative Learning, which I resonate with is - Ability to create long-term sustainable competitive advantage.   

I can hear a few readers saying..."Yeah, even I resonate, but how do I demonstrate in my operational role on a day to day basis? "

As per my observation - many operational problems that we deal with everyday in our roles can be potential opportunities for creating long-term sustainable competitive advantage.   

Whatsapp, PayTM, Redbus & many other successful startup promoters stumbled on one operational problem - spotted an strategic opportunity around that and created a long term sustainable competitive advantage for their organizations. Isn't it?

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