Wish I had an Instruction Manual for Career Management

Last week, bought a new Panasonic Iron box as a replacement for one of the antic not working iron box (of course after a lot of procrastination!). Nothing unusual about this, except for one big difference.

I decide to read the 10-line instruction on how to use the Steam iron. What a difference it made. Though as a family we have bought multiple steam irons, somehow we never used this feature. The plain simple dry iron was the de-facto choice. And we used to beat ourselves how we buy things which we do not know to use and manage.

Yes, there are so many things, which come with an instruction manual – to be read- to be used as a refresher. Sometimes a little consciousness investment would fetch the value it was supposed to deliver.

Wish, I had an instruction manual for managing my career also.

always turned out to be continuous discovery process on the job. In the areas which I could spot, I was winning – stumbling – adapting – learning – avoiding – giving up – changing directions – back to school – bouncing back. In some areas where I was blind, never realized that such a “feature” existed !!

Never found an “Instruction manual” for managing Career.

Maybe there is no way to write an Instruction manual.

Instructions for one person may differ from another. Instructions for one situation may differ from another.

The Best person to think ahead and write these instructions for us – is us !!

How about a bouncing board for – Our Career Management Instruction manual?

That’s the role a Career Coach plays with you.

Questioning you to generate greater Awareness and Responsibility to manage your Careers in a powerful way.

Ever explored what a Career Coach can do for you ?

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