Using Influence to move up the Career Ladder

Yes, we all know it. Without influence nobody can grow in Indian companies. Isn’t it?

Just clarifying I am not talking about using “influence” as we know in local language – a person who can pull you up the ladder or give you a chance out of turn because you are his favorite.

But talking about Influence as a competency.

In my Career, as I grew up from a Manager to Manager of managers to Functional manager to a Business manager, I found that most often I had to “fight” to get resources, had to deal with “aggressive” leaders who were equally competent and also spend a lot of time in influencing other stakeholders to consider my view points.

Sometimes it was easy. Sometimes it was tough. And this “influencing” stuff increased at every step of the Career Ladder.

As an anecdote, one of my mentors always share the story of why the Chairman of a large IT services firm choose a younger CEO from amongst many senior leaders within his organization – This younger CEO had the best influencing ability to skillfully get all leaders to converge and create a powerful agenda.

Yes – superlative influencing skills is a essential competency for senior leaders, Isn’t it ?

How has “influence” worked in your Career so far?  
Is “influence” helping you move up the  
What do you need to make “influence” pull you up the

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