How are you using your most important Career management resource?

Hi Satish,

For a race car driver, his most important resource is the Car itself.
He goes out all the way to “understand” his resource. From that understand be able to “understand his experiences with the resource”. And from that he generates new choices on “how to make the best use of his resource next time”. His career clearly depends on how well he does the above.

How about for a leader like you, what is your most important resource?

Will your career be as you wished, if you do not how to use this resource effectively?
I am sure as leaders we are not getting paid “more salary” for lifting boulders – but for our “quality of thinking”, “understanding ability”, “Decision making ability”, “focusing ability”, “ability to collaborate better” ,” generate insights” etc.

All activities of the most important resource – our brains.

Our race car, oops our brain in corporate lives has to deal with

  • “speed breakers” like with 100s of emails, interruptions, escalations
  • “navigate sharp corners” like managing teams,collaborating with peers,managing review rituals at just the “right speed” without skidding &
  • “accelerate to top speeds” on the long stretches – where we need to stay focused, think strategically & “get the best out of our quality thinking”.

Isn’t it?

Want to understand your brain from a work-life perspective?

Check out this book – Your brain at work by David Rock. You may get some insights into how to manage speed breakers, navigate the sharp corners and be charged enough to do “strategic conscious thinking work”.

Questions for you to reflect:

  • What do you consider as your most important “career resource”?
  • How will you enhance your “understanding” of this resource?
  • With that knowing, how will you understand the different types of experiences of using that resource?
  • From these “experiences” what new “choices” will you generate to take your career to new realms?

R. Satish Chandra
Career Strategist

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