Strategic Vs Tactical Self Development

In many industries, executives have relied on their employers to invest in their Self Development. And given the nature of the job market dynamics, the organizations also found that it is worthwhile investing
in developing internal employees than buying those skillsets from the job market. Unfortunately not every executive is lucky enough to be employed in organization having evolved Learning and Development teams. Sometimes the size of the organization or the markets that they serve may also limit employer’s investments in this area.

As industries mature, organizations in some parts of the world are finding that, its time now to transfer the responsibility of development to the executive rather than the organization itself. Or at-least moving towards ensuring Employees take their own self initiatives and invest their own dollars to enhance their skills.

Yes… this is nothing new, we all know it. Still many of us do not see this as a Strategic Self Development initiative for ourselves and go about addressing this in a very tactical manner.

Some questions for you to assess if you are Strategically investing in your Self Development

  • Do you know your specific development needs to help you achieve your career goals?
  • What are your specific, prioritized learning plans for the next 6 – 12 – 24 months to meet these development needs?
  • Is the time, effort and money that you are currently investing sufficient?
  • Are you putting the right kind of effort to acquire knowledge and put them to practice?
  • What % of your annual compensation do you invest in your own Self Development, which can increase your earning potential ?
  • How much of your Self-development actions happen in “free times” when you want to escape from your routine?

Strategic outlook to Self Development is imperative to be ready for the Future of Work.

Isn’t it ?  Let me know your thoughts..

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