Strategic Job Search – Vs Tactical Job Search

Some of us, think about Career Management, when we are faced with a situation where we need to make a Career change or embark on a job search. At this stage, many of us may not have the luxury to sit back and strategize about long term career goals and preparing to achieve that.

This situation is like – I am running fever now, give me an Aspirin or a Paracetamol.. I know I have to take vitamins, but I will think about it after my fever subsides!! The need of the hour for Job searchers is to flesh out their Resumes, connect up with Recruiters and go job hunting asap. Yes we need to use all Tactical avenues that we have to get our next job.

This same tactical approach can be given a without losing too much time. And this can actually increase your effectiveness in searching your next job, which is in line with your long-term career goals.

comprises of – “Re-searching” your Career so far – to find activities, roles, situations in which you excelled and which you fared badly. – Potential roles to apply for– understand how your strengths and experiences can fit the eligibility and suitability criterias’s of different roles which you can target. – Benchmark yourselves against potential roles – understand yourselves in the context of your targeted roles. – “Resume fleshing” – using the insights about, go about strategically crafting your resume to the relevant roles to cater to the needs of Applicant tracking systems, frontline recruiters, Resume screeners and hiring managers. – “Warm up” for interviewers. The longer you are out of job market, the need to “warm up” for interviewers becomes essential if you are targeting senior positions. – “Become Proactive” at-least is the last leg of your Job search…that is… Transitioning into your new Role.

Yes, even such unplanned Career situations can be turned to your advantage by looking at the situation from Tactical Perspectives as well as Strategic Perspectives !!

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