Starting on a New Job is like Starting a new Academic Year at College

With Colleges starting this week, spent sometime in preparing my daughter to start her first College Academic Year on the right note !!

Yes, it started with purchasing Note Books !!

And in the process remembered my strategies about what kind of Notebooks to buy..

Each year had an interesting strategy.

I will buy only 200 pages books with a nice movie star as book cover.
I will buy only the long notebooks and avoid the short sized ones.
I will not buy any books this year, I will use separate A4 sheets.
Behind this strategy there was always something, which did not work in the last academic year..

.. That off starting on the right Note !!

Looking back, realizing how much time I wasted on this trivial aspect.

Had I just focused on the important aspect – that of studying I would have gone even further in my Career.

Isn’t this how we plan to start our new Job.

We go about buying the best Laptop bag, the best Pen, the best Organiser.. which would save us from the Career problems that we had faced in our last assignment !!

Of course these are important..

But there are even more important things.

Preparing your learning plan to understand business, role, your team, customers, markets etc.
Preparing to analyze the situation.
Preparing to anticipate and navigate around potential landmines in your new job..
Preparing to re-prioritise your personal obligations to create bandwidth for transition.

Key Question for you :

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