Career Strategy Coaching Services

Rechargemycareer – Career Strategy Coaching Services

We offer tailor made services to cater to the specific needs of Executives.

Like any business strategy planning, even a Career Strategy can be well thought out and operationalised. As part of this coaching, you would be taken through a comprehensive inquiry journey to unravel the most optimal career strategy specific to you.

As leaders grow up the ladder, it becomes difficult to search jobs due to various reasons. In strategic job search coaching, you would be taken through an effective proactive Job search strategy to enhance your probability of finding your next job.

When leaders move into a different role or a different company, they are faced with unique challenges. Even though they were selected based on their skills and experiences, they are almost landing “blind folded”. In the sense they may not understand the culture, politics, the way how things work etc and may not take the right decisions. Transition Acceleration coaching helps you to start running once you hit the ground in a very focused and powerful manner and thereby become the leader whom the organization wanted to hire.

Competency coaching enhances your specific competency to develop in a structured time bound manner.