Q1/Q4 Re-org tamasha – will it make or break your career this time around?

It’s that time of the year when some businesses are now in Q4 or will be entering Q4 in Jan-Feb-march.

While the pressure to meet current years targets would be high – another set of “Strategic Business planning” for next year also begins.

In some companies, this is the time when leaders have to be more alert to “ground level numbers” and at the same time, “what’s cooking in the Corporate towers !”

Isn’t it.
In one of previous companies, in this season we could see this “alert” demonstrated by many and also “missed” by many.

In one season I was “completely alert” – thought about my potential career path in advance, read the organisation situation and sounded off my boss on what I anticipate our organization is likely to do. Then I put my “hat” stating that if he (CEO of one business) hears any corporate initiative in that specific area to bring my name onto the ring as one of the potential people to be part of that team. By gods grace this worked & I landed up in the role that I wanted.

At the same-time there were many seasons where I was completely “off-the-circuit”. People 2 or 3 levels below me would know what is happening, who is coming, who is taking new roles and I had “no clue”.

Wish I had seen the things unfolding a little more closely & also prepared well in advance on what direction I want to take my career.

Well, I am sure this is not new to some of you.

Some of us waited for “Christmas-to-come” & then think of our Career planning.

Now that “Christmas” is just a few days away, here are some reflective questions for you to jumpstart your Career planning process.

  • How do you see your current role, team & business unit in the next 12-24 months? Will this lead you to your career aspirations?
  • What are your current Career aspirations?
  • What are the push factors out of your current assignment?
  • What specific pull factors are you looking for in potential future assignments?
  • How will you “oil your information” network now to stay tuned in?
  • Will you be proactive or reactive in your moves this time around?
  • What will be your backup plans if you do not land into a prospective role?

Go on, generate your own questions and keep finding your answers to them well in advance.
Have a nice day !!

R. Satish Chandra
Career Strategist

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