People development as a full-time Career option for leaders

Over the last 2 years of my journey in this field, have met a lot of lead
ers who have made People Development as their main career or who are contemplating to get into this field seriously.

But why ?
One common thread that I find is that most leaders in their long corporate innings were developing people in their own field’s day-in and day-out. And most leaders cherish these interactions where they could help another individual become unstuck and grow up.

Even I was in the same group and since the last 2 years have made my career in this line by gods grace. At the same time, I find that there are many leaders who chose this path and find that it is difficult to establish in this field.

It is one thing to develop people as a hobby and another to developing people as a career.

And many leaders who opted for this path quickly discover

that there are too many people in this field,
that Indian corporates do not spend much on leadership development and
closing a sale takes a long time.
most leadership development assignments could go to people who have strong networking within HR leaders.

But in-spite of this, every now and then a few new leaders make it big in this field.

What I discovered reading the people who succeed and failed in this career transition are:

  • Clearly leaders have to choose their entry strategies based on their “eligibilities” and “networks”.
  • Leaders should look at their “service positioning” – whether they will be Generic or Niche service providers.
  • Leaders should look at “buying”, “partnering” or “building” their service offerings based on their Strengths.
  • Leaders should learn to market themselves – Communicating their “positioning”, “differentiation”, identifying target markets, “communication strategy” “expressing thought leadership” “blogging” etc
  • Leaders should learn to do selling – “cold calling”, “Prospecting”, “negotiating” and “getting the P.O !!”.

Like any other Career Transition, knowing what to expect and being prepared make the transition successful.

Reflective questions for you

  • If you were to transition your Career to fulltime Leadership development, what would your strategy be?
  • What market research will you do before jumping?
  • What are some new skills that you will have to learn to be successful in this new field?

Answers to these questions are relevant for any kind of Career change, isn’t it ?

R. Satish Chandra
Career Strategist

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