My Story – why I chose Coaching & Leadership Training

My goal is to enable leaders like you to excel in your Careers. And when you excel in your careers, you might just make this earth a better place to live in. This goal did not come up as a “flash” at once. But got clearer for me over time.

5 years ago, I was at a Career Crossroad (yet another time !) after 20 years of corporate life. Feeling lost on whether to continue in my current corporate track or start on my own or doing something meaningful.

This was not the first time that I was at such Career Crossroad. At each crossroad like most people I chose a path which seemed the right path based on my “visibility” at that point in time. That was how many of the 9 different roles that I played over time became a reality for me. Sometimes these decisions were not easy. Sometimes these decisions did not turn out to be the best. Also the frequency at which these crossroads appeared had increased over time, as I grew up.

But during this crossroad, I wanted to choose a path on which I can stay for a long time. In this quest I started meeting a lot of people. Read a lot of articles and books. In one such research, I came across a powerful question, which answered my path.

Having done different kinds of activities over a long period, what is the activity that I am willing to take up as a full-time profession knowing fully well that I may not earn any money?


Coaching & Leadership Training– jumped up for me.

I was willing to do these 2 activities even on a Sunday afternoon. These activities recharged me. I used to experience a heightened sense of satisfaction after conducting a Coaching & Leadership training program or coaching session.

In 2010 started seriously working on transitioning to this profession and started on my journey to earn my “eligibilities” as an Career Strategist & Executive Coach.

Being involved in Recruitment at leadership levels across organizations in addition to 9 other roles that I played in my long career, I narrowed down my focus to partnering with leaders around their personal Career management initiatives.

Since 2012 November, I have been involved in this field and by Gods grace have partnered with over 55 leaders across different levels, different industries in India and Singapore.

Get hold of some of my best thoughts on Taking careers to new realms – for leaders.