Useful Links – Top Five Career Regrets

Many of us wish we had proactively managed our Careers. Some of us wish that we had taken action in time. Looking back in time, the world looks entirely different. Here is an interesting Article from Harvard Business Review, which lists the Top 5 . Enjoy reading.

First few months in a new job is no more a “honeymoon” period.. it’s an opportunity to create a powerful springboard for you to turn out be best person hired for the role. Check this Video by Michael Watkins – the author of First 90 days..

Making of a Corporate athlete

You can access this article on HBR site below.
Gives a good insight into the pressure filled day of a Corporate executive and how in many ways it is similar to the life of an athlete. It also provokes you to think of what you can learn from atheletes to manage your energy and perform at your peak.

Manage your work, Manage your life

You can access this article on HBR site below
This article talks about how you want to personal define success for your selves. Once done how you can weave your career around this personalized definition of your success.

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