Is the next Billion Dollar Opportunity part of your Career Strategy

Happened to be in a TiE Seminar on this topic yesterday. Appears to be very exciting opportunity space in India. Yes compared to the IT field this may be very small Now. But who knows this could also turn out to be a 50 Billion dollar space for India in sometime. Maybe 5-10-15 years.

The space is about Education. It was interesting to note that there are different kinds of players already in this space. Each player trying to address this market from his own differentiated viewpoint. Some are pre-revenue at this stage. Some have become public listed companies. Some are already talking about creating niches in this space and being ready to grow the pie. There were also some “me-too” players and some “first-time” entrepreneurs. Some were already talking about Regulation challenges, Marketing challenges, Service Delivery challenges, Quality challenges, Sales challenges, Cash flow challenges and HR Challenges.

Isn’t this what many of us at leadership address day-in and day-out in our “mature” industry?

Isn’t this how our IT or BPO industry look like 20 years ago ?

Didn’t people who switched to these new “Blue oceans” 15-20 years ago, grow at a faster rate than when it became mature ?

How can I leverage this information in my Career Strategy Plans ?

Do you know and keep track of other such billion dollar opportunity, as part of your Career Management plans?

Where do I find such information? One good source is Industry forums like TiE, Nasscom etc.

Key Question for you:
How about participate in industry forums and spotting your own next Billion dollar opportunity to future proof your Careers.


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