Compromise strategy in your Career – how long has it been driving your Career?

Recently met a good friend of mine, who shared his career story. He wants to explore a career in the area where he is passionate about, but has not been able to muster up the courage and do the transition.

Hence he is compensating by looking at how much more money can be earn in his current job. At-least that will compensate him for not pursuing his dream career.

  • Looking at my own career, there were times even I had some Compromise strategy working for me. Like

  • Took up a career in Middle East Asia knowing fully well that the job is not going to be satisfying but salary is good.

  • Took up a consulting career knowing fully well that it is going to be a high travelling job but recognition is good.

  • Took up a job in a startup knowing fully well that the span of control is very less but provides better work life balance.

  • Came back to mainstream IT industry knowing full well that I do not like transactional job but gives me a financial cushion.

Looking back at these roles, clearly I had a Compromise Strategy in place. That too for a long time that has been on the drivers seat. Till I landed on pursuing a path in the area of my passion as a Coach and a leadership trainer.

How is this “Compromise strategy” working in your career?

Till when do you want to drive with the Compromise strategy as your prime strategy?

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