Books Review – Leadership Strategies

The Leadership Pipeline

A great book designed for HR leaders to help in succession planning, But equally insightful for leaders who want to grow up the ladder in corporates. Reading this book would help you to understand which rung of the Corporate Ladder you are and till which rung you want to move up, the distinctions between each rung and provokes you to create your own development plan to reach there.

The One Minute Manager

A Great book for People manager. Based on Ken Blanchards Situational Leadership Strategies framework and Spencer Johnsons story telling expertise, this book gives a lot of insights into how to get the best out of the teams you manage. A must read for every first time manager.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

This is one of the books which I have read number of times and it has definitely helped me in transforming myself during my early days. Each of the habits are very relevant and we would have seen someone or the other displaying the same around this. When all these habits are followed over time, it clearly helps in each of us becoming effective.

Crucial Conversations

I wish I had access to this book 10 years ago. I used to a Functional Manager and one of the key expectations of a functional manager is to fight for resources for your teams. Some of us would have seen that managers with great conversational skills are able to convincing put their case and get the resources they want without breaking relationships. Leadership, being all about influencing others, this book gives a lot of insights into how we become silent or become violent in our conversations and what need to do to make the conversation very effective.

The First 90 days

I have used this book in the last 10 years and in each of my job transitions. Being from the IT services background, I knew about Outsourcing project transition and this book introduces us to the challenges of transition for ourselves when we take up new roles. Some of us would have observed leaders who join our organisations and within no time there will be water cooler talks about – who hired them, where did they get such bad leader from etc. While the new leader got recruited for his Skills and experiences, maybe he did not manage his transition to the new role well, leading to his brand being impact. I would say, this is an Essential Career Management Skill for leaders.

The Secret

Another great book based on “Law of attraction”. Some of us would have know this and already using it. One of the key concepts explained in this book is about attracting what you want in life, which I have used many times in the last 20 years and found it to have manifested in my life.

Becoming a Strategic Leader

Many of us at senior leadership roles would have matured as very good Operational leaders. And sometime we may have heard comments like “Though you are good Operational leader, you are not a Strategic leader”. This book gives an insight into how every in our daily transactional jobs, we can still be Strategic Leaders.

The Lean Startup

In this age of Startups, where many leaders want to quit the corporate rat race and start a startup of their own, this book gives a good insight into how to apply the principles of “lean methodology” to make your startup experience a success.