Which Belief systems are impacting your Career now ?

We all have our belief systems that help us to navigate this world and stay in control without spinning out of our boundaries. But at times some of these beliefs become limiting beliefs in the context of some goals.

Isn’t it?

It can even come in the way of achieving our Career goals.
Even I had my share of belief systems that helped me stay out of trouble, but also impacted my career growth for some time.

Some of them are:

  • Concern for excellence in all the work outputs delivered is the only key to success.
  • If I do an excellent work, people will always take notice.
  • Self-promotion is bad.
  • Fighting with co-workers even if you are right will impact relationships.

Sure, these helped me do the right things.

But it also made my blind to learning some skills like

  • How to effectively do self-marketing?
  • How to manage perceptions effectively ?
  • How to hold difficult conversations without impacting relationships ?

Once I started believing that Self-marketing done in the right manner is good, it opened up avenues for me to learn the skill of effective self-marketing.

Once I started believing that I can stand up to what is right without impacting relationships, I started exploring how to learn this skill.

I am sure even you would have some stories like this.

  • Which of your belief systems are now outdated?
  • Which of your beliefs have now becoming limiting belief for you?
  • What do you want to do about these beliefs?

Have a nice day !!

R. Satish Chandra
Career Strategist

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